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Low load trailer or low bed semi-trailer? At ESVE we build low loaders as special constructions for individual transportation needs. Do you already have concrete ideas about the specifications of your required low-loader? Describe your specifications to us and we will provide you with an individual offer. Do you need advice on the optimal configuration and features of your new trailer? Meet our experienced professionals at ESVE!



Durability demands custom-made toolboxes, in this case on the neck. Size is variable and spray-painted colour is optional.

Loading ramps

Customised ramps, with grids or with wood, manually operated or hydraulic. A large rear-closing loading ramp is also possible.

Grating floor

More grip when driving up? A grating floor is an option for that, even for the entire floor. Alternatives are hardwood or steel floor? What fits your project best?


Low loaders for all transport projects

Every low loaders fulfils a different transport purpose. Therefore, the tailor-made construction of the trailer must be precisely matched to the concern. What type of low-loader do you need for your project? The many years of our company history, we already constructed various types of low loaders. We know which details have high relevance in their planning and construction. Among others we are familiar with the following areas of use:

  • Low loaders as heavy transporters
  • Low loaders with cranes
  • Low loaders for construction machinery
  • Low loaders for forklifts and aerial platforms
  • Low loaders for fair-attractions

Detailed construction

Customization is our trademark, which is why we look at which specific characteristics are required for each transport challenge. For example, how many axles are needed. Whether it concerns a low loader with 1 axle or 4 axles or specific wishes, we are open to everything. We also look at the most suitable steering system for your vehicle and can advise you on the choice of further options such as a reversing camera or winch. Do you have special requirements that you have never seen on other low-loaders? We are happy to accept the challenge!

ESVE – your low loader trailer manufacturer

Building trailers is a job for professionals. With us, you will be guided from the first consultation to construction by our experienced professionals who have been working in the vehicle industry for many years. We are happy to assist you as your personal contact for both general and vehicle-specific questions. The following applies to our cooperation: we keep our word. ESVE is your reliable partner for the construction of low-loaders.

Let’s get to know each other!

What special requirements must your low-loader meet? We are happy to think along with you when it comes to functionality and refined details, for both the chassis and the bodywork with the appropriate aids. Do you have a question or would you like to meet our professionals? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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