Customised crane trailers

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Does your crane trailer require a customised design? At ESVE we build customised semi-trailers and trailers for a wide range of transport projects. Do you already know exactly how your crane trailer needs to be equipped? Explain your demands to our experts so that we can provide you with an individual offer. If you still have questions about your options, we will of course be happy to advise you on the optimal design of your crane trailer. Please feel free to contact our experts!



The rear of your trailer can be designed as desired. Both the light box and the lighting technology are customised.


We also supply and install various camera systems to suit the truck and your preferences.

Toolbox with drawer

Order the toolbox of your needs, in this case with a sliding drawer. Additional drawers, pull-out boards, doors or lids are also possible.



Your transport project is decisive

When we design and build your crane trailer, we focus on your transport project. For example, different requirements have to be met for the transport of bulk goods, construction machinery or general cargo. We rely on a stable and robust substructure and adapt other features such as loose or fixed crane superstructures and the loading area of the trailer to your transport purpose. Of course, we consider the specifications of the MOT when designing and building your trailer with crane.

Customisation in detail

The entire equipment of your crane trailer is custom-made. You will receive a customised trailer with the required number of axles in the required length with the desired steering system. We will be happy to give you expert advice on the choice of further modifications such as a rear assist, a starting aid or an air pressure monitoring system. Do you have any other requests for specific features? We accept the challenge!

Buy trailers with cranes from experts - ESVE

The construction of crane trailers and semi-trailers is a job for experts. That's why our employees with years of experience in the vehicle industry accompany you from the consultation to the design to the construction of your individual crane trailer. We are happy to be your direct contact for general and vehicle-specific questions. And for our cooperation we guarantee: We keep our word. ESVE is your reliable partner for trailer construction.

Let's get to know each other!

What features make a crane trailer ideal for your transport project? We like to think along with you and customise the design of your trailer with special equipment. Contact us now and let's discuss your options together!

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